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is a tremendous start-up - great success in tennessee - and we're really pleased to see how the passat has succeeded in the u.s. marketplace. we went from selling just 10,000 vehicles in a calendar year previously to over 10,000 a month of the new passat. so, we are still in that process of ramping up our presence with passat out of tennessee, and that is really our focus at the moment. > thank you for your time. that is jonathan browning of volkswagen. > > thanks angela. great to talk to you. enjoying the title "world's largest automaker" was short- lived for general motors. toyota is back on top after selling 9.7 million cars and trucks in 2012 compated to gm's sales of 9.29 million. both companies enjoyed higher sales this past year, but toyota edged out gm as it rolled out updated models of popular vehicles such as the camry. toyota is expected to continue its lead in 2013 due in part to a roll-out of a new corolla. thank you chuck. still ahead, we'll get a bullish and bearish take on where apple is headed. that's next. apple shares are bruised. the stock fell below $500 yesterday on w
is from tennessee. >> nashville, tennessee. >> mike, you said that had a gun, or you maybe said that. and you live in new york city. this is awkward. totally awkward for me. if i had a siren i would make it go off in the studio. >> you know what, i used to live in connecticut, not far from where jerry is. in the holler. i moved reeptsly. so what you got was old information. >> it is hard to do because i have a problem with my arthritis. >> what are you doing? >> i am doing a gang sign for the holler. >> a gang sign for the holler? >> that was a crippled west chester guy. we have a lot of territory to cover. anti-americannism, bill, it is a dance troop from the 1920s. i don't know if it is a country because i only got to that once. everybody said they hate us because they want to be like us. there is some truth to this. as somebody who lived over there for a long period of time. they also hate us because the newspapers and the television stations n constantly talk about how fat we are and stupid and people believe it. they are not envious of us. >> you answered one of our questions. y
's protests. spence remains a liquid diet only hunger strike. the chief executive of the tennessee-based company specializing in weapons training has had his gun permit revoked after posting a rant threatening violence should the federal government impose new gun control laws. in his post, james yeager of the firm tactical response vowed to "start killing people" if gun laws are passed. >> i am telling you if that happens, it will spark a civil war and i will be glad to fire the first shot. i am not putting up with it. you should not put up with it. i need all you patriots to think about what you're going to do. pack a backpack was some food, they're ready to fight. i'm not putting up with this. i'm not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. i am not letting anybody take my guns for the if it goes 1 inch further, i am going to start killing people critics in response, tennessee officials have suspended his weapons permit, citing the risk of public harm. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with aa
million s of americans that want to defend themselves. harold, you're from tennessee, an nra supporter. l let's talk about people in the northeast that don't understand what nra has been, what a great organization it has been through the years. how the organization has not always been the organization it became in the mid-1990s. could you explain gun owners and how they're appalled by things like this? there are polls out today we're going to be reading today, it's shifted. their extremism is destroying the them. >> many of those were members of nra who appreciated the sports organization who protected the hunters and sports rights have to be curious how and why the organization has allowed the credibility of members to be besmirched and diminished all in an effort to protect people with huge magazines, all in an effort to protect those against comprehensive background checks. the polls show people don't protect those things. >> survivalists for gun manufacturers. >> and there's no tennessean who appreciates the season's changing and go out and enjoy an afternoon as people do playing bask
.s. to tennessee to japan. >>> it's the confession many people have been waiting for. seven-time tour de france winner lance armstrong reportedly admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. associated press said armstrong confessed in an interview today with oprah winfrey and also apologize today staff. that interview isn't set to air until thursday but here in the bay area people are already talking. >> it just makes them go awe, man. the dream was pretty -- too good to be true it seem sgls he took something for nothing. he took his cancer diagnosis and created one of the bigger foundations in the world for cancer and you can never take that away from him. >> so far no comment from armstrong but -- about the interview but oprah winfrey today tweet it had interview lasted more than two and a half hours and he came ready. >>> the kansas city linebacker had the blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. the jackson county, missouri medical examiner released jovan belcher's autopsy report today. the 25-year-old was found by police sleeping in his car five hours before the shooting. th
, amenazando a cÍtricos en san diego, y en el este, rÉcord de calor, en tennessee, hace frente a inundaciones, y amenaza de tornados, un poco de todo. autoridad en el noreste de la naciÓn investiga a empresas que convierte a residencias o casas en hoteles para recibir a mujeres chinas o embarazadas que ingresan para que sus hijos nazcan en estados unidos y obtengan beneficios, el costo es de 20 mil dÓlares. activistas de derechos humanos en california marcharon para pedirle al presidente obama que cumpla con la promesa de cerrar guantÁnamo en cuba, se leiÓ el nombre de 166 que todavÍa estÁn presos ahÍ, un manifestante se disfrazÓ de preso encadenado, para manifestar. >>> hoy llegÓ la fecha que muchos cubanos esperaban hace tres semes, la ley que permitiÁa salir a viajar sin solicitarle al gobierno la visa de salida, la tarjeta blanca, aunque no tienen que pedir permiso, enfrentan limitaciones, viajan sin visa a 15 paÍses, como a antillas menores, san cristÓbal, san vicente, barbados, granada, o paÍses lejanos, rusia, hungrÍa, y para visitar a familiares en estados unidos, mÉxic
stretch back across virginia, back into eastern tennessee, western north carolina and then extends all the way down into the gulf coast region from lafayette, louisiana, right over to biloxi, mississippi. so we are still going to see those showers basically affect the southeast. and it's in this area, eastern kentucky into west virginia, into western virginia, also down into mississippi and northeastern louisiana where we could end up with another two to three inches of rainfall on top of several inches of rain that has already been falling in that region. but the northeast not looking at a whole lot of rain. and this is the last bit of warm air that we are going to see down across the southeast. and that cold air that's been sitting in the midwest is eventually going to work back in. it's not going to get real cold but be more seasonal. >>> good news on the job front for u.s. veterans. coca-cola's controversial take on obesity and nike's new $100 million golfer. >>> they lift a car and save a life. you've got to see this. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] h
congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee took it a step further, suggesting her party was ready for a government shutdown. >> we're going to look at all of these options. you know, there is the option of government shutdown. there is an option of raising the debt ceiling in short-term increments. >> would you be willing, if you don't get the kind of cuts that you think are necessary, would you be willing to go into default or to shut down the government? >> i think that there is a way to avoid default if it requires shutting down certain portions of the government, let's look at that. >> according to a recent gallup poll, there are growing concerns about washington's ability to balance the budget. 20% say the federal deficit is now the most important issue facing the nation. 18% say they are dissatisfied with the government. what's amazing is that people are now more concerned with the deficit and our dysfunctional government than they are with unemployment. the first time since 2009. >>> there's a troubling new statistic from the department of defense involving u.s. service mem
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-- this is accumulating ice from east texas, all the way through tennessee. that's rough on the roads. >> that is sloppy. okay, sam, thanks. >>> coming up, an emotional day in court for the woman accused of killing her ex-boyfriend. the stunning interrogation tapes of jodi arias revealed. >>> also ahead, the mystery of the missing millions. why best-selling crime writer patricia cornwell says she was cheated out of a fortune. >>> and jodie foster's modern family. why the fiercely private actress is revealing so much right now. >>> they're called miracle berries. we're going to try them. we'll tell you if they're a dieting breakthrough. to try them. we'll tell you if they're a dieting breakthrough. humana medicare plans now include 5% savings on great for you healthier foods at walmart! it's part of the vitality healthyfood program... and one more way humana medicare can help you choose what's good for your health and your wallet. so you can spend a little less money... and spend a little more time sharing what you know with the people who matter most. humana. ♪ it's not for colds. it's not for pain. i
of the road. what road? and republican congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee said this to msnbc's chris jansing. let me ask you if you're willing to shut the government down? >> we're looking at all the options, there is the option of government shutdown, the option of raising the debt ceiling in short-term increments. i think there is a way to avoid default if it requires shutting down portions of the government. let's look at that. >> and in his press conference, president obama quoted speaker john boehner from 2011. >> that would be a financial disaster, not only for our country but for the worldwide economy. i don't think it is a question that is even on the table. >> and the last question of his press conference, the president was asked if he may be more successful with some of the nuts you just heard from if he spent more quality time with them. >> you and your staff are too insular, that you don't socialize enough. >> this, of course, is one of the great myths of governing, that intractable problems, political problems, can somehow be solved over a card game and a couple of drink
with hagel in the past. senator bob kosher in tennessee said that i think on cbs' sunday show, so no smooth sailing by any means, but at the end of the day, having schumer on board is a big deal, having boxer on board is a big deal. and with 5 of them, we'll see whether or not republicans really want to use their political capital in trying to filibuster a nominee, especially one by the way, who will have so much support from outside groups like veterans associations. >> there'sing so much talk about how there is frost between the left and right. i want to get your take on this. this was a statement made by the president yesterday at the last press conference of his first administration. it was about the aloofness perception that seems to get out there around him and his inner circle. take a listen. >> most people who know me know i'm a pretty friendly guy. i like a good party. personal relationships are important. obviously i can always do a better job. the nice thing is now that my girls are getting older, they don't want to spend that much time with me anyway, so i'll be calling around l
industry initiatives in colorado and tennessee. emily derocco runs her own firm called e3 which is linking economic development and skills training and workforce. the party that she was at the manufacturing institute. prior to that she played senior role in the department of labor. and, finally, the mayor of the great city of louisville, greg fischer, who actually has a background in manufacturing. it's very interestingly upon taking office has been working with the mayor of lexington, kentucky, on a dual metro effort, a regional effort on advanced manufacturing. let me just set some context of the papers we put out yesterday, and for the conversation today. first, a very quick reality check. we still think about manufacturing in the united states as yesterdays economy. as opposed to the vanguard of innovation in our economy. 9% of the jobs, 11% of the gdp, 35% of our engineers and 68% of private sector r&d, 90% of our patents. we may be the only mature a company to somehow decouple production in innovation. trust me, the germans are not doing it. the japanese are not doing it, and the chi
tennessee. he's talking about hagel's suitability to be defense secretary. listen to the kind ever words he uses here. >> i think another thing, george, that's going to come up is just his overall temperament, and is he suited to the run a department or a big agency or a big entity like the pentagon. >> well, there you go. this is the kind of thing that will drive hagel and i don't know the guy, i met him a few times, crazy. somebody will say to him in the middle of a hearing, i hear you're always on the $sif. you have a defensive personality. then you depp fend yourself anz you're being defensive. i hear you have a bad temper. what do you mean i have a bad temper? this is getting rough because all politicians have bad temps. >> i think in a hearing when people are looking -- >> not all. >> it's a low bar, it's not that hard to maintain -- >> what do you do when a guy says i hear you yell at people in the office? >> maybe you say, look, i'm tough and demanding of my employees but i expect results and if somebody's ego is bruised, i apologize but this is a big boy business. i think i would m
tennessee and they tell me shut the whole thing down. >> bill: right. >> look, you know, this is really -- when you have more than half of the republican caucus saying shut it down. >> bill: that they're willing to shut it down. >> shut it down in terms of the cr. don't do the continuing resolution that expires in march. shut it down. then you have close to half saying sure, let's breach the debt ceiling. you're in a situation where what is going on here? what is going on here when you have republicans saying because we don't want to compromise, we're not going to govern at all. we're going to do nothing. we're not going to give an inch. we would rather shut the government down, breach the debt ceiling and see what happens. >> bill: when it comes to the debt ceiling as the president pointed out yesterday over and over and over again because he kept getting asked the same question at the news conference, raising the debt ceiling does not say we are increasing spending. in any way whatsoever. it does not mean spending. what it means is -- congress authorizes spending. they demand spending
should not do it with our government. host: bruce is calling from tennessee. caller: thanks for taking my call. you never hear anyone in washington talk about cutting the amount of money we spend in other countries. everything they want to do, they want to take away programs here in the united states. but the people here are really hurting and depending on them. we have a lot of money that we spend in other countries and we could get ourselves out of debt in a short time. the other thing, they will not pass anything in washington because special-interest groups are getting a bunch of pork in everything they tried to put through and it turns everybody host: against it how do you respond when people say foreign aid makes up a very small part of our federal budget, just a single digits, and that the real drivers are medicare, social security, medicaid, our defense budget? caller: if you add it all up, it's not such a small thing. there's quite a bit of it. what we need to do is reform the way we do our foreign aid. instead of just sending money to other governments to use as they please and
legislation. mr. goodlatte: i yield to the gentleman from tennessee, mr. fleischmann. mr. fleischmann: amount 20, section 1. the terms of the president and the vice president shall end at noon on the 20th day of january and the terms of senators and representatives at noon on the third day of january of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified. and the terms of their successors shall then begin. section 2, the congress shall assemble at least once in every year and such meeting shall begin at noon on the third day of january unless they shall by law appoint a different day. mr. goodlatte: i yield to the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen. ms. ros-lehtinen: section 3, if, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the president, the president-elect shall have died, the vice president-elect shall become president. if a president shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the president-elect shall have failed to qualify, then the vice president-elect shall shall act as president until a preside
louisiana, up towards arkansas, up into tennessee. by this evening it should move north and eastward across the appalachians, the mid-atlantic in the northeast you could be dealing with icing early on tonight and overnight. looking at future radar ase head further now the time overnight west of d.c., philadelphia and new york you could see a mix here and mainly a snow event as it moves into wednesday and thursday for new england. how much snow are we going to get here across the appalachians and the northeast interior sections could get 3 to 6. a general swath of one to three inches, though. again the main point, the main take away is we have very cold temperatures across the south so that icing will continue for the mid south, mississippi river valley, tennessee river valley into the afternoon into the afternoon. flights canceled out of dallas that will be a ripple affect across the country. jenna: a great heads up for us, jd, thank you. jon: let's take a look at headlines from around the world right now. a new wave of violence in belfast, ownre ireland. protestors loyal to great britain h
in tennessee. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi linda. hi, linda? linda? oh, linda took a break -- a potty break or something. >> oh. >> stephanie: chuck in santa fe. hi chuck. >> caller: hi, how are you? your road flair mary really knocked me off of my -- >> stephanie: right. >> -- this time. i was just about ready to go to the liquor spot -- >> stephanie: yes. go ahead, chuck. >> caller: i was going to talk about the debt ceiling -- >> stephanie: huh oh. >> caller: they want to -- hello? >> yeah. >> stephanie: okay. go ahead. >> we hear ya. >> caller: all right. you know what that was? it was somebody calling in to tell him he was on the "stephanie miller show." >> hey, you are on the radio! >> stephanie: hey, guess what you are on -- >> ermahgerd. >> stephanie: somebody call chuck and say that they apologize. all right. twenty-nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ woo-hoo, woo-hoo ♪ i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hid
japan. now it's done in tennessee. >> building them there. >> exactly. now quick charging. quick charging infrastructure. we need to do more with states, cities in order to make sure that consumer buying electric car won't have to worry about where you're going to charge. so we're going to be working on it and the car is going to continue to develop. >> are you disappointed with the sales in a sense that you thought you would have a greater acceptance rate amongst people with electric vehicles? are you now saying, maybe electric vehicles are not going to be as popular as we first thought? >> i was ceo of any car company you're going to ask is going to tell you no because you always see much more potential for your car. now i knew from the beginning that this car being revolutionary, because it's going to change a lot of things, you know, it's not going to be an easy road, but i'm firm believer in the technology, firm believer in the benefit of the car, and want it to work in a very resilient way in order to make progress. just compare the car to the high rates, in two, maybe ten
freezing rain across northeastern parts of louisiana, mississippi and western tennessee, accumulations have already been reported as high as a half inch. that's a concern with trees coming down, power out annuals, and of course, dangerous conditions on the roadways. please be careful out here. we have an ice storm warning in effect until this evening. guys? >> steve: on top of that, it is really cold there, too. maria, thank you very much for the weather. >> gretchen: when you have millions to spend on a house and you're a sports star, who do you call? >> when pro athletes get traded, need a second home? that's where i come in. >> gretchen: going to tell his story, coming up next. >> eric: show me the appraisal. then take a look at this. a half court shot and 1,000 bucks. >> gretchen: no way. >> steve: that's good for 500. >> eric: yeah. exactly, steve. a half. >> gretchen: blow on it. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon. he a toast.
on up into parts of kentucky and tennessee. wet weather on the midatlantic states. look for snow showers in the plains. we'll have air pollution advisories in the pacific northwest. that's what's going >>> 7:35 on a tuesday morning. just a beautiful sunrise to show you over the bay bridge this morning. gorgeous conditions to look at. it's chilly outside. look at your temperatures. 30 in livermore. 37 in san francisco. and 35 degrees this morning in oakland. 32 for sunnyvale and right at freezing even in santa cruz. a freeze warning in place until 9:00 a.m. highs are going to be more comfortable today climbing by five degrees. 55 degrees at the coast. hope you have a great day. >>> don't forget, check that weather any time you need to by going to weather channel on cable or savannah? >> al, thank you. >>> sonia sotomayor is the third woman to sit on the supreme court and the first hispanic. i recently met up with justice sotomayor to learn about the woman behind the robe. >> i wrote this book right after my nomination because i wanted to hold on to the real sonia. >> the real
that. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from tennessee rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized. mr. cohen: i want to join in congratulating the university of louisville on their success. the university of louisville has been a rival of the university of memphis but this past year or so, louisville's basketball coach, rick pitino, was good enough to champion the university of memphis getting into the big east conference. it was support we needed, support we appreciate. the conference isn't quite the same as it was when he did that but it was a good thing to do. we have a good rivalry and i think we need to support our rivals. we hope the rivalry continues for many more years to come. i yield back the balance of my time the speaker pro tempore: the chair announces the speaker's appointment pursuant to 22 u.s.c. 1928-a and the order of the house of january 3, 2013, of the following member on the part of the house, the united states group of the nato parliamentary assemb
, maryland. 133 in dallas, texas. 117 in memphis, tennessee. 116 in phoenix, arizona. 113 in st. louis, missouri. 108 in washington, d.c.,. 108 in kansas city, missouri. and 104 in oakland, california. some people may think that violence is only prevalent in urban america, but that is not true. recent mass murders have occurred in places like tucson, arizona, aurora, colorado, oak creek, wisconsin and newtown, consut. violence is truly all around us. it is at our movie theaters, our shopping centers, colleges places of worship and even our elementary school. during the sandy hook elementary tragedy in newtown, connecticut, a gunman took the lives of 26 people, including 20 children as young as the age of five. the victims were killed at a place where we all consider to be safe. since 1982, there have been more than 60 mass murders carried out with firearms across this country. we have had 19 mass shootings in the last five years alone. that is a rate of more than one every four months. the uptick in these types of crimes should be enough, should be enough, to push our nation forward to
in response to justice kennedy's question. in tennessee v. garner you have half the states that have abrogated the rule. in richards v. wisconsin, you have half the states that did not sport an exception the -- support an exception to the no knock rule. here we have half the states in the country that would not have permitted what went on in this case. thank you very much. >> thank you, counsel. mr. koester, we'll give you three minutes. >> thank you. everyone agrees that the closer a chemical test is taken to the time of driving, the more reliable the evidence of intoxication is, the more reliable the evidence of impairment is. so under the respondent's approach, it would be mandated that we're going to allow the most reliable evidence to dissipate and degrade over a period of time in favor of admittedly less reliable ed taken at a later -- evidence taken at a later time. and that's simply inconsistent with fourth amendment jurisprudence and other destruction of evidence cases. i believe the respondent's proposed rule here is completely impractical be unworkable -- and unworkable. if there ar
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)